Tribute to the milongueros


A new documentary premiered yesterday on El Dia del Tango in Salon Canning.  A History of the Tango Dance 1940-1960 – The Golden Years pays homage to the milongueros.  Gustavo Benzacry Sabá and Maria Olivera devoted four years to this project with English subtitles.


Gustavo greeted Carlos Alberto Anzuate, one of many invited guests who appear in the documentary.





The one-hour documentary includes photographs, video clips, and interviews with milongueros: Roberto “Pocho” Carreras, Juan Carlos Copes, Eduardo Arquimbau, and Nito Garcia among others.  I recommend it as required viewing for anyone interested in tango.  Gustavo and Maria will bring it along when they tour.

At the end of the presentation, Corina de la Rosa somehow managed to get on the microphone and ask Gustavo and Maria publicly why Miguel Balmaceda was not included.  She and Julio Balmaceda taught the class before the presentation so both were present.  The documentary was scheduled at 22 hs. and the audience was kept waiting until 23,15 hs when the class finally ended.  I didn’t hear Gustavo’s response, so I asked his mother at the table. She told me that Gustavo and Maria made numerous attempts to contact Julio and Corina about including Miguel Balmaceda, but they didn’t reply.


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