Blanca Biscochea

December 8, 1924 —

Blanca Biscochea

Blanca continues to go to the milongas to dance.  And does she ever dance.  She is poise and elegance personified.  I met her at the Noche de Milongueras in Salon Canning in September 2004, when she was almost 80.

I filmed her in Salon Canning where she attended the Thursday milonga every week.  I found this recent interview of her in which we learn about her philosophy of life.

I think Blanca inspired Julia Pugliese to write the article Milonga Cruel for Punto Tango.  As women age and put on weight, the men no longer invite them to dance, even though those same men are old, fat and bald.  There are exceptions.  “A clear example is Blanquita, who turned 88 on December 8, she has no children, her life and family is the milonga.  Men her age don’t invite her to dance, but younger men, who have enough sense to know what 88 years means, do.


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