Dancing on the radio

There is nowhere to dance on Sunday morning at 10:00 in Buenos Aires, yet I was dancing on the radio program Cumbre de TangoMundo Sur is the newest radio station with audio and ustream video on their webpage.  This past Sunday I danced a tanda of Carlos Di Sarli with Tito Aquino and Chino Fanel, and the Juan D’Arienzo tanda with Pichi Piccini.  The program has regular viewers in Italy, Korea and Japan.

The studio is small with carpeting on the floor to reduce noise.  They taped a webcam to the board on the wall for the ustream video.   The broadcast technician adjusts the camera manually during the program so viewers can watch the dancing.  I don’t know of another radio program in Buenos Aires with live tango dancing.

Ricardo expressed interest in learning to dance tango.  He is so enthusiastic about learning that I gave him his first lesson during the De Angelis tanda.  We began with the embrace.  After his first tango, he said, “it’s easy.”  Yes, I confirmed, but dance teachers make it complicated.  I told him to listen to the music.  After working only a few months on the program, he’s hooked.


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