Milonga review: El Arranque

Juan Carlos La Falce and Ruben Harymbat started this milonga on February 13, 2000, in Nuevo Salon La Argentina.  Centrally located on Bartolome Mitre and Callao, it attracts the senior crowd in the afternoon.  Juan Carlos has been the sole organizer for the past several years.  Eventually the milonga expanded to four afternoons each week.  I attended Saturday.

The salon isn’t air-conditioned, but there are several large fans that handle air circulation.  Sometimes it’s closed during January and February on extremely hot days.  Check Hoy-Milonga online before going. The milonga opens at 15 hs on Tuesday, Thursday until 22 hs and Saturday until 21 hs.  I took the photo above during the last tanda.

Deejay:  Daniel Borelli (Monday) and his protégé Vivi La Falce (Saturday).  Vivi provided excellent tandas and kept the dance floor full.

Floor:  It’s polished and seamless stone that is well-maintained for heavy use.

Sound system:  Four large speakers hang over the edges of the dance floor.  Conversation never overpowers the music in this salon.

Entrada: 23 pesos for women, 25 for men.  It’s the only milonga with different entradas for men and women.  Bottled water: 12 pesos.

Seating: There are comfortable chairs with padded seat and back, which is not the case in most milongas.  Couples sit on both sides of the floor.  Alternating seating for men and women at five rows of tables.  Regulars have their reserved tables.

Waiters:  They take care of escorting dancers to their tables and serving drinks.  Carlitos has worked in several milongas for many years, so he knows all the dancers.

I saw some pretty aggressive invitations by men with lots of hand gestures.  The women are not shy about telling the men to look their way.


2 Responses to “Milonga review: El Arranque”

  1. Michael Says:

    This was my favorite milonga as I danced more here than any other milonga.

  2. jantango Says:

    El Arranque was your first milonga during your first visit in April 2009. I knew you would dance there, so that’s why I recommended it. When are you returning to dance once again at your favorite milonga in Buenos Aires?

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