Only in the mecca of tango

There are so many musicians in Buenos Aires who play because they love making music.  Marcelo Yegati and Pablo Gonzalez found a salon they could use on the last Friday of the month to play for two hours for anyone who wants to hear them.  They have a ball.  The sessions include jazz, tango and rock.  They invite other musicians and singers to join their sessions.

I met Ricardo Pol ten years ago when he began singing tango.  Both he and Pedro Gonzalez studied tango with the late Anibal Arias.  I try not to miss their monthly concert at 20 hs. held in the Salon Jorge Borges in the lower level of Bme. Mitre 1563.   It’s free.

After the concert last Friday, I went to Lo de Celia Tango Club for the milonga.  During the first hour, admission is free.  I danced until I dropped.  A friend paid for my drink, and I ordered an empanada.   Total cost for the milonga — ten pesos.

I had a fabulous night of music and dancing for almost nothing.  Where else can you do this except in the mecca of tango?


One Response to “Only in the mecca of tango”

  1. Aurora Says:

    we talked about it and came to the conclusion that in Buenos Aires you find what you’re looking for. You’re looking for classes, you find some. You’re used to paying them a huge amount of money, you’ll find people to convince you it’s worth it. That’s probably what you’ll find first. You’re looking for music, you’ll find that too. You’re looking for authenticity, you’ll find it. Even if you’re looking for people in love with tango and willing to share on a noncommercial basis, you can find it. What a world of opportunities… we should be careful what we wish for, we might get it!

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