Milonga review: La Glorieta de las Barrancas de Belgrano

The pérgola in the Belgrano park has been the setting for this year-round outdoor milonga since 1996.  Marcelo Salas is the organizer, teacher and deejay in this one-man operation.  This is not, by any means, a traditional milonga in that there are no tables or chairs, and no dress code.  A friend invited me to join him there on the spur of the moment last night with perfect weather.  It was the first time I danced at La Glorieta.

Floor:  The polished mosaic tile is 20 meters in diameter with iron railing.

Sound system:  Two speakers from the portable stereo system give ample and clear sound for Marcelo’s selections.

Entrada:  whatever you want when Marcelo passes the can for collection.

Seating:  There is none.  It’s best to go with as little as possible of value in this open park setting where you leave your bag in a pile and hope you find it later.  If you need water, bring along your own.

Dancers:  They are from 20 to 75 years, local and foreign, beginner to milonguero.  Although outdoors, no one smoked.  There were more men than women last night who stand by or sit on the railing during the tandas.  Women aren’t shy about inviting a man to dance, and the cabeceo is rare.

Ending on Saturday night at 22 hs. seems a bit early, but dancers are warmed up to head to other venues.  Sunday night goes one hour later.  La cumparsita wasn’t played as usual as the last tango.


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