Milonga Review: El Maipú

The milonga is held in the 150-year-old Asociación Nazionale Italiana in the neighborhood of Montserrat at Adolfo Alsina 1463 and is organized by Lucy Alberto and Daniel Rodriguez.  They moved to La Nacional when Maipu 444 closed.  I attended Monday, October 8, a national holiday.

Floor:  The hall is rectangular with a stage at one end and the bar/kitchen at the other.  The wood floor is excellent for dancing.  The salon has good lighting.

Sound system:  There are four speakers set up in each corner of the salon.  On nights when the salon has a capacity crowd, conversation overpowers the music.  I used earplugs.

Deejay:  Brian Mujica doesn’t have many years of experience so at times the tandas miss the mark for me.

Entrada: 35 pesos  Aug 2015 — 60 pesos

Seating:  Lucy and Dany have designated tables with mixed seating at opposite ends of the room. Those who attend every week get the best tables on the floor, naturally.  I attended with two foreign visitors.  I made a reservation via text message in advance with our names, but it didn’t make any difference.  We sat at the far end of the room with two other women–five at one table.  It was difficult getting out to the floor because chairs were tightly arranged.  It was uncomfortable.  The two women danced often and had no problem using the cabeceo. 

Dancers: There are many regulars from Lo de Celia Tango Club, and there were many foreign visitors.  One man commented to me, “this is the best milonga of the week.”  I didn’t ask why he thought so, because I know.  He invited me for the only tanda I had in three hours before going home.  This is only the second time I went to El Maipú in La Nacional, probably because I go to Lo de Celia every Sunday and don’t need to dance on Monday.

Lucy and Dany work very hard taking care of their guests.  Dany takes lots of photos during the milonga to post on Facebook.

El Maipu moved to Obelisco Tango on Monday and Wednesday.  Consult for details.


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