The role of the milonga organizer

There is a milonga only six blocks from my apartment.  The music, sound system and floor are excellent.  The only problem is there are four women to every man.  I sat for two hours the last time I went there.  I was looking at the man at the next table for the tanda when the organizer approached and obligated him to dance with her.  I wanted to say something to her later, but I didn’t.  I’m just not going to return.  She hasn’t learned that her role as organizer is to pay attention to those who paid the admission to dance.  She isn’t the only organizer who dances at her own milonga in Buenos Aires.  Women don’t pay to sit at a milonga while watching the organizer dance.

I found that I’m not the only one with this opinion.


2 Responses to “The role of the milonga organizer”

  1. Bob Says:

    what you say makes sense.
    I am a male tango dancer. could you tell me the name of the milonga?

  2. Mikhail Says:

    My wife and I are engaged in tango for more than 6 years. It’s an absolutely regular situation that she dances only 1-2 tandas during the 4 hours of milongas time.

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