True lies

This isn’t about the 1994 movie True Lies.  It’s about a woman in Buenos Aires who did a television interview last week claiming she is the director of the only Argentine magazine about tango.  Guillermo Thorp, editor of DIOSTANGO, was watching the program and took this photo.

Anyone who has spent time dancing in Buenos Aires knows there are several tango magazines with free distribution of printed editions at the milongas, which are also available on the internet or by email.

B. A. Tango — Buenos Aires Tango — published since 1995 by Tito Palumbo

El Tangauta — published since 1996 by Luz Valbuena

La Porteña Tango — published since 2003 by Bernardo Javier Salaberry

Diostango — published since 2006 by Guillermo Thorp

La Milonga Argentina — published since 2006 by Silvia Rojas

Punto Tango

Tinta Roja — published since 2012



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