Roberto Segarra

September 16, 1920 —


Roberto shows no signs of slowing down.  He dances every tanda and enjoys every minute of it.

I baked this chocolate cake for Roberto with the number 92 reversed–because he dances like he is 29, not 92.

Roberto told me how there were only two classes when he was young — the poor and the rich.  When he went to dances, he waited for a friend to tell him the contraseña so he didn’t have to pay.  When the girls saw him waiting outside, they paid his entrada.


2 Responses to “Roberto Segarra”

  1. Alicia Jumar-Loffler Says:

    It was a memorable night! Dancing so many enjoyable tandas with Roberto was the icing on the cake! Yes, he dances with the energy of a guy in his 20’s!! Can’t wait till our next dances.
    Alicia of Bend Tango “tangoing” in Lo de Celia, September 19, 2012.

  2. jun Says:

    He is amazing!

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