Roberto Rafael Carreras

June 18, 1931 – September 8, 2012

I received the news of Pocho’s death from Royce in Hong Kong.  His death was announced last night in Sunderland Club.  This is the last video of Pocho dancing with Nely.


2 Responses to “Roberto Rafael Carreras”

  1. Chris Stoddart Says:

    I hesitated to leave a comment when I first read this post. I didn’t know Pocho, and I don’t usually post on the web. But coming back to your site today and seeing that their are no comments, I felt compelled to write. As a tango enthusiast with a passion for real social tango, I am so grateful that there are records of the great milongueros on the web, both videos and stories. I had just started to watch some of the videos of Pocho recently and love his dancing. Reading that he died saddened me – another great milonguero gone. I guess I just felt it deserved a comment at least (even from someone far away).

    Thanks so much for your site.


  2. jantango Says:

    Thank you. It saddens me every time I post about the passing of another milonguero. It was a pleasure to know and dance with Pocho.

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