Stage champions announced at Luna Park

Cristian Sosa and Maria Noel Sciuto are stage champions at the Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango 2012.  I had my computer connected to the news channel which broadcast live from Luna Park at 9:16pm for the announcement.  This is the first year that the audience got to see the scores in the semifinals and finals.  The winner is chosen by the jury according to the rules.  Sosa appeared as if he expected to win; he was cool, calm, and collected.

I have a Cristian Sosa story.  A few years ago I attended the milonga La Baldosa in Salon El Pial.  While dancing with Beto Ayala, Cristian Sosa and his partner passed us on the right.  We were at the edge of the floor.  I commented to Beto that he is the city tango champion and couldn’t be expected to know the codes of the floor.  That was the night I first heard of Mario Morales who coaches young couples for competition.  Morales was there with a large group of couples for the exhibitions.  I heard that young couples like to run the older couples off the floor at La Baldosa.  They have an attitude that the floor is theirs.  They haven’t learned how to dance among others since they practice for exhibition and competition.

I viewed the video of Sosa and Sciuto this afternoon.  I had a feeling they were going to win the championship, not for an outstanding performance.  There were some incredible performances this year.  Sosa paid his dues.   Now he’s off to Paris.  Along with the prize of 40,000 pesos comes a round-trip ticket on Air France.

Sosa and Sciuto competed in the Campeonato Metropolitano de Baile de la Ciudad in May 2012, but with different partners. She placed 4th in Milonga and 5th in Milongueros del Mundo.  Sosa was 2009 city champion in Milonga and Vals.  It seems odd that salon competitors won the stage championship.  Mario Morales can add another championship to his credits.


One Response to “Stage champions announced at Luna Park”

  1. yabotil Says:

    Unfortunately its the Sosa y Sciuto’s that will now get exported to other countries and teach Argentine Tango. No wonder milongas are in such a terrible state in a lot of other countries. Respect is definitely lacking in some London milongas.

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