Troilo Centennial in 2014

Tango dancers, milonga organizers, and tango musicians around the world can be a part of the Centennial celebration honoring Anibal Troilo by dancing to and performing his music, and signing the petition for the creation of an international day of the bandoneon.

These are some of the proposed events by organizers of the Troilo Centennial on July 11, 2014:

Video 100 Cities: Bandoneones playing Quejas de Bandoneón.  Special arrangement by Maestro Raúl Garello for solo Bandoneón, based on the original arrangement for orchestra as played by PICHUCO.

Photo of 100 Bandoneones: As in 2004 with 90 Bandoneones in Teatro Colon, gather together 100 bandoneones at the Obelisk for a photo taken by Aldo Sessa.

100 Milongas with PICHUCO:  Pay homage to the best bandoneonist of Buenos Aires in hundreds of milongas around the world.

International Festivals: Presence at international tango festivals the year of the centennial.

Internacional Day of the Bandoneón: A proposal to declare July 11 as International Day of the Bandoneon will be presented to UNESCO. Sign the petition

Film: “Tu Ternura mi destino” fictional story on the life of Anibal and Zita Troilo. 

Museum of the Bandoneón:  Continued dedication to the creation of the Aníbal Troilo Bandoneón Museum in the city of Buenos Aires.

and hundreds more events.

On July 11, 2014, Pichuco is more present than ever.

translated from text at on the centennial page


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