It’s impossible, but they did it

The semifinalists in the salon category of the World Dance Cup are posted.  In a city where things take so long to get done, the results of two days of competition were announced too promptly.

The Rules state — All fully registered couples will participate, giving two performances on two consecutive days.  They will be evaluated by different judges, and the scores from each performance will be added and averaged.  Couples who obtain the highest scores will advance to the Semifinal.

I saw the first day of qualifying rounds on Monday from 2:45pm which continued past 8:45pm.  The same took place on Tuesday.  How could all the tally sheets from five judges for dozens of rounds be tabulated and posted on the internet at 9:00pm?  It’s impossible, but they did it.

The results are not on the Tango BA Festival site yet, but they were posted on hours ago.  How did they get this information?  A quick glance at the average scores tells me they are fabricated as in past years.  I’d like to know who and how scores are tabulated, but alas the sheets are never available for auditing.

I will go so far as to say they probably decided the semifinalists on Monday.  The rounds on Tuesday were entertainment for friends, family and especially tourists.

I see my favorite couple No. 421 on the list.  I met Coca and Cholo at the Festival 2010.  They didn’t make it to the semifinal round that year even though they’ve danced together for over 51 years.  They must have done something different this year to place 30th in the semifinal standings.

The list of mainly Argentine couples has a few other countries represented to keep up media interest in covering the event and keep foreigners competing every year.

Cristian Sosa won the campeonato metropolitano in vals and milonga in 2009.  He has a new partner.  They are ranked first in the semifinal standings.  He trained with Mario Morales, the other coach besides Carlos Perez, who produces the tango champions.


2 Responses to “It’s impossible, but they did it”

  1. Janine Says:

    Hi Jan,
    Do you know what happened to Yumiko and Ramada from San Francisco? Don’t they go directly to the semi-finals since they are the United States champions? Thanks for the great post and coverage. Warmly,

  2. jantango Says:

    The 12 national and 9 international champions go directly to the semifinal rounds held this Friday. That means a total of 92 couples compete from noon to five on Friday. The city champions go directly to the final rounds next Monday.

    Keep in mind that the points mean nothing. A committee “selects” the champions as stated in the rules. The judging is just a formality of the competition.

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