Coca and Cholo

They live in Avellaneda and started to dance together 53 years ago.  I finally found their phone number in an old agenda and called this afternoon to congratulate them on qualifying for the semifinals on Friday.  This isn’t the first time they competed.  They placed third in the Tango Senior division of the Campeonato Metropolitano de Baile 2008 (although they deserved to win it).  Coca and Cholo love to dance, and that’s enough reason for them to register again this year.

Coca is 74, and Cholo is 77, possibly the oldest couple in the competition.  They dance every Saturday night at the Bomberos club in Lanus and during the week at Racing Club in Avellaneda.  They no longer have a car, so they went by remis from Avellaneda and to the Centro de Exposiciones in Recoleta.  They went early for the competition and didn’t arrive home last night until 11.  They’re resting up for Friday’s competition which begins at noon.

Coca has no illusions of winning the championship, but they enjoy participating with all the young couples.  Coca has a youthful spirit.  She observed that they all dance the same way without any personal style.  She agreed with me that there is too much backside movement by the ladies.

I thanked Coca and Cholo for competing once again.  When the show Tango Argentino traveled the world, audiences didn’t see young skinny dancers on stage; they saw middle-aged adults.  Coca and Cholo are living proof that tango is a dance for life, one that a couple can share and enjoy together for many years.  They feel the music and dance that feeling together in the moment.  The world needs to see them in the finals.


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  1. Janine Says:

    What a beautiful post!!!

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