Last night in Lo de Celia Tango Club, I danced the Angel D’Agostino/Angel Vargas tanda with Aníbal Serena.  The second tango was No aflojés.  I’ve heard this tango many times.  The word that stands out most to me in the lyrics is churrasca.  I know that churrasco is lunfardo for a steak, but I didn’t know the meaning of churrasca.

Aníbal read my mind.  He whispered in my ear while we were dancing, do you know what a churrasca is?  I replied, no.  A churrasca is a beautiful and young woman, the complete package.   Anibal didn’t know how curious I was about this lunfardo word, but I always forgot to look it up in the dictionary.  At the end of the tango, I told him that he answered my question without having to ask it.  He said, you’ll learn lots more from me.  This is one of the special benefits of dancing with the milongueros viejos.

Vos fuiste el rey del bailongo 
en lo de Laura y la Vasca
¡Había que ver las churrascas
cómo soñaban tras tuyo!
¡Alzaba cada murmullo
tu taconear compadrón
que era como flor de yuyo
que embrujaba el corazón!

You were the king of the dance hall
at Laura and the Basque …
You should have seen las churrascas
how they dreamt behind you!
He raised every murmur
that heel-tapping bully
who was like a herb flower
that haunted the heart!

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