Café de los Angelitos

I happened to read an announcement on Festival Buenos Aires Tango that a press party was being held on Friday, August 3 in the afternoon.  I checked with Tito Palumbo on the time, and we arranged to meet at Cafe de los Angelitos.  I had never been inside and wanted to see it.  Artists, musicians, and dancers on the Festival program attended.

Cafe de los Angelitos is lavishly decorated in every detail from the ornate ceiling to the chandeliers on stage and the monogrammed linens and chairs.  The city chose it for announcing the festival program to the press in high style.  They served hors d’oeuvres, dessert and champagne to some one hundred guests.  I found a spot near the media cameramen who were there to film the event.

Horacio Pagano is a familiar face from the milonga.  I didn’t know he is a journalist.  I mentioned I saw the documentary Maestros Milongueros on Thursday, which he wanted to attend.

Minister of Culture for the city Hernan Lombardi and Festival artistic director Gustavo Mozzi spoke about this year’s program in Centro de Exposiciones (Recoleta), concerts in the new Usina del Arte (La Boca), and the World Cup finals in Luna Park.

Tito Palumbo is editor of B.A. Tango – Buenos Aires Tango magazine and guide, now in its 18th year of publication.

La 2×4 is the only radio station exclusively dedicated to tango at a worldwide audience.  During the Festival, it will broadcast live from the Centro de Exposiciones.

Dancers on the festival program were in attendance:  Johana Copes, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Maria Nieves, Elsa and Julio Duplaá, Olga Besio.

After many years as organizer of the Friday milonga in Club Sin Rumbo, Julio Duplaá told me he needed a break.  He and his wife Elsa are part of the meeting of the great milonga dancers, talking about pauses and the embrace.  They have three regular group classes on their schedule.

Juan Carlos Godoy will be celebrating his 90th birthday during the festival with the release of his new album Obsession.

Maria Nieves will be performing on stage in Luna Park with all the tango champions.


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