Milonga review: JL en La Nacional

The milonga is held in the 150-year-old Asociación Nazionale Italiana in the neighborhood of Montserrat at Adolfo Alsina 1463.  I attended June 23.

Floor:  The hall is rectangular with a stage at one end and the bar/kitchen at the other.  The wood floor is excellent for dancing.  The salon has good lighting.

Sound system:  There are four speakers set up in each corner of the salon.  On nights when the salon has a capacity crowd, conversation overpowers the music.

Deejay:  On previous occasions, there was a different deejay with acceptable tandas.  Brian Mujica is very young and inexperienced as a deejay.  There was one tanda in two hours that made me want to dance.

Entrada: 30 pesos

Seating:  Separate tables for men and women.  Groups of friends sit together and socialize.  I went to chat with people while waiting for a good tanda.

Dancers: This is a Saturday milonga for singles over 50.  There are more women than men, so there is competition for the tables at the edge of the dance floor.  It’s better to make a reservation .

Waitress:  She walked by my table to serve others and never bothered to ask if I wanted something to drink.  I didn’t plan to stay very late, so I didn’t ask.

Juan Lencina is a gracious host who makes a point of dancing during the night.  His assistants escort dancers to their tables.

Juan closed this milonga at the end of 2012 because of disagreement with management.  He opened Inolvidable in Obelisco Tango in April 2013. 


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