José Maria Alfaro

July 25, 1922 —

I met José Maria and his partner Lili at Oscar Hector’s Saturday night dances in Club Glorias Argentinas.  I recorded them dancing on various occasions and promised to make CDs for them.  I went the next time for Carlos Anzuate’s birthday on May 21, 2011, but they weren’t there.  I left the CDs with a man at the club who assured me he would see they got them.

On June 13, I attended Oscar Hector celebration of 6,000 dances in Salon El Pial.  A year had passed since I last saw José Maria and Lili.  They never received the CDs since they hadn’t gone dancing in more than a year.  Lili said she would check with the owners and let me know.  They went to Club Glorias Argentinas to celebrate José Maria’s birthday on Sunday.  The owners found the CDs and gave them to Lili.  She called me days later to let me know.

Lili is José Maria’s favorite dance partner, but that doesn’t mean he dances exclusively with her as you can see by the photos.



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