The milonga shuffle

When city inspectors closed El Beso at Riobamba 416 on April 17, a tidal wave of changes occurred in the milonga schedule.  All the organizers scrambled to find new venues for their milongas, hoping dancers would attend.  It takes time for dancers to become accustomed to new places and then commit to attending regularly.

Six milongas moved to new locations.  Like moving from one apartment or house to another, the inhabitants have to make an adjustment to new quarters.  Some did and others didn’t.  Dancers go where they are comfortable.  There are so many variables to consider–deejay and music, place, lighting, floor, etc.

One thing is certain in Buenos Aires — the milonga schedule isn’t written in stone.  There are always changes.  New places open, old ones close.  Last year Plaza Bohemia at Maipu 444 lost the space they rented for six years, and all the milongas held there had to move to new homes.

Cachirulo began in Lo de Celia Tango Club in early 2004 on Friday and Saturday afternoon.  After the disaster at Cromagnon in December 2005, Lo de Celia wasn’t open until October 2006.  Cachirulo relocated to Plaza Bohemia at Maipu 444 on Saturday.  The hours changed, but they remained in this home until the building owner terminated the rental lease in February 2011.  Cachirulo found a new home in Club Villa Malcolm in March 2011.  When the Tuesday evening milonga at El Beso ended, Cachirulo took over the spot in July 2010 until the April 17, 2012 closing.  Cachirulo moved to Boedo Tango for a few weeks.

All the displaced milongas are awaiting the news of the reopening of El Beso so they can return home.


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