Tango brings us together

For the past three months, I receive not only information on the number of views to this blog, but also the countries of its readers.  With the help of translators, tango dancers around the world can read about the milongas and milongueros in Buenos Aires in any language.

It’s especially gratifying when a reader writes me about an upcoming visit to Buenos Aires.  That was the case last year with a French couple.  We sat together at the milongas, talked about the codes and music, shared meals, attended concerts.  We shared our love of tango and stay in touch by email.

The countries with the most frequent views are USA, Argentina, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, France, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Australia, Lithuania plus dozens more.

Saulius and Audrius from Vilnius, Lithuania showed up at the milonga I attended last Friday.  As La cumparsita ended, they approached me on the floor.  I told them I’ve wanted to talk to them since they came to Lo de Celia Tango Club a few weeks ago.  Finally, we had the opportunity after the milonga.  They invited me for dinner, and we talked for hours.  I danced with both of them on Sunday at Lo de Celia and filmed them dancing.  It was a pleasure to know two more readers from afar who follow this blog.


4 Responses to “Tango brings us together”

  1. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    And bloggers such as yourself help bring us together, too.

    Thanks, Janis!

  2. Berrnie Says:

    It’s just lovely to hear this… seeing as we’re planning a trip for Sept-Oct ! We’d love to take some classes whilst In BsAs but currently bamboozled by the array on offer. Any suggestions would be great

  3. Evaldas Says:

    wow! Familiar faces. Nice to see 🙂

  4. lindsay Says:

    i will be in Bs. As. this september. i would love to meet you and talk to you. your blog is one of my favorites. hope to see you then. lindsay

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