Milonga review: La Milonga de Elsita

Elsa Amodio is a familiar face to those who attended Fridays in Centro Region Leonesa where she greeted everyone and ran the drawing for champagne.  She opened her milonga on May 18, 2012, in Plaza Bohemia, which I attended on May 25 (a national holiday).

I reviewed another milonga at Plaza Bohemia.  Gabriela Laddaga provides excellent tandas on a great sound system.  There were many unfamiliar faces to me, which only proves that tango is alive and well among the over-60 set.  The hours are from 18-2 hs.

I was comfortable at a back row table where I could watch the dancing.  The dance floor is as smooth as butter, a good investment by the owners Chiri and Milva.  The room almost reached capacity, yet the floor was never too crowded for comfort.  The only thing missing for me were a few more of my favorite milongueros viejos.  I stayed from beginning to end.

The venue is six blocks from my apartment, and it’s my first choice when I feel like dancing early on a Friday evening.

Entrada: 60 pesos (August 2015)

Update 7/24/16 — Plaza Bohemia has closed its doors.  Elsa moved her Friday milonga to La Nacional, Alsina 1465.


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