Milonga review: Nuevo Chique

This is an afternoon favorite of newcomers who enjoy the friendly atmosphere on Tuesday and Thursday.  It’s on the first floor salòn of Casa de Galicia on San Jose 224 in Montserrat.  I attended Thursday for four hours.

Floor:  It’s wood, but badly in need of repair.  My heel tips got caught in the cracks.

Sound system:  There are two speakers at one end of the rectangular floor providing enough volume to the entire salon.

DJ:  The best in Buenos Aires — Daniel Borelli.

Entrada: 25 pesos   50 pesos (August 2015)

Seating:  They designated the left side of the dance floor for women and the right side for men.  The back of the salon is couples seating.  I sat in the section near the entrance in front of the stage.

Dancers:  Locals range in age from 60-80 years.  A few young foreign women and couples were in attendance.  The level of dancing is average.  An American friend danced almost every tanda.  As she pointed out, the worst dancers here are better than the best at home.

Waitress:  Vicki manages the seating and stays very busy serving drinks.

While Ruben Schiaffino and Marcela Pazos are absent for a period of time, their staff takes charge.  I expected a larger crowd the day before a holiday, but a milonga requires constant care and promotion by its organizers.



2 Responses to “Milonga review: Nuevo Chique”

  1. Alan Jones. Says:

    I liked Nuevo Chique,Janis. I am going back 3 or 4 years,and nearly missed this milonga,just catching it on a Thursday before I returned to England. I thought the atmosphere was good,with a reasonable standard of dancing,or put it this way,a lot better than the rubbish that is often danced in danced in this country! Even a novice like me could tell the milongas that had a good atmosphere,and the ones that I would never go back to in Buenos Aires. Kind Regards,Alan Jones From England.

  2. lindsay Says:

    i love chique! it is my favorite tuesday night milonga. and i love ruben and marcela. i hope ruben has a full recovery and is back soon. i feel so at ease and at home at this milonga.

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