Hugo Lago

May 22, 1937 —

A few tandas after taking this photo in Lo de Celia Tango Club, Hugo invited me to dance.  I thought he invited the women in the first row table, so I accepted another invitation and found two men approaching my corner at the same time.  Rubén Harymbat arrived first, so Hugo went to the bar.  He later confirmed that he invited me for the other tanda.


2 Responses to “Hugo Lago”

  1. Alan Jones Says:

    Hello Janis,The confusion can happen here too.Although the wrong way around,a woman asked me to dance,where I held her gaze for a long time.As I reached her, another man approached
    the table as well,and I graciously returned to my table.Later she asked me again,we laughed together, and enjoyed a tanda or two.We were all happy!Kind regards,Alan Jones from England.

  2. jantango Says:

    Alan, as you pointed out, it’s improper for a woman to invite a man to dance. The situation I described is common and not a problem for two milongueros in Buenos Aires.

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