Casa Suiza

I was walking by last month and stopped to talk with the young man at the entrance.  There was something going on inside, and I was curious to know if renovation plans are underway for Casa Suiza.  That was wishful thinking on my part.  The man told me that the owners are awaiting permits to demolish the existing property and build an office/apartment building with a multi-level garage.

What’s so special about Casa Suiza?  Founded in 1893, Casa Suiza is a historical landmark.  It was the place where Blacks rented the lower level and first floor salon in the 1940s to 1970s.  They called it The Shimmy Club and danced candombe there.  I learned that fact from Tango: The Art History of Love by Robert Farris Thompson (Pantheon 2005).  He interviewed Carlos Alberto Anzuate, one of the blacks who danced in the basement of Casa Suiza.

One Response to “Casa Suiza”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Janis,
    Bob and I were lucky enough to visit Casa Suiza w/ Facundo and Kely for a candombe party. Facu took us upstairs to the balcony to show us were he hid as a small boy to watch the grown ups dance tango. So sad to hear we’re loosing another piece of tango history.
    Take care,

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