The new Raul Berón

I swoon when I hear Ariel Ardit sing.  A few years ago I heard him sing at the Biblioteca Nacional.  I was early for the afternoon concert and met Ariel as he arrived.  I told him that I had come to hear the “new Raul Berón.”  Berón sang with the orquestas of Miguel Caló and Lucio Demare.

I had another opportunity to swoon at a free public concert at the Centro Cultural San Martin.  Ariel Ardit Orquesta Tipica performed in the Salon Carlos Morel for 90 minutes on Friday evening.  This wasn’t an auditorium with chairs; it was an open space where the audience stood or sat on the floor.

I felt like I got a glimpse of tango’s golden era with Ariel’s tribute to tango legends Alberto Podestá, Floreal Luiz, Angel Vargas and others.  Ariel has great respect for that era.  All the arrangements by Andrés Linetzky are strict tempo for dancing.  Ariel sang Al compás del corazón which Miguel Caló recorded 70 years ago with Raul Berón.

Ariel and his orquesta tipica leave for Europe on May 14 for a month-long tour in France, Italy, and Spain with performances at el Cabaret Sauvage, Châtelet de Paris, Infanta Isabel de Madrid, and Teatro Victoria in Barcelona.



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