Milonga review: Sentimental y Coqueta

This is a recommended detour from the tourist milonga circuit.  I attended yesterday (a holiday) when there were enough dancers for a relaxed evening.

Floor:  The new wood floor is one of the best in Buenos Aires, even better than Salon Canning.

Sound system: Four speakers above the floor direct the sound to dancers…as it should be.  Music was at a good level for dancers and didn’t overpower the room.

DJ:  Gabriela Laddaga does a great job of programming the music.  I heard tracks of familiar tangos by different orchestras.  Listening was enjoyable.

Entrada: 25 pesos

Seating: Four sides of a square floor.  The chairs aren’t the most comfortable and getting to the floor is difficult without aisles.  There are sections for men and women.

Dancers:  Good level of dancers with more locals than foreigners.  A woman from the USA attended for the first time and danced many tandas with local dancers.  She has been to the tourist milongas where she sat all night long.

Kitchen/Waitress:  Excellent food prepared by Milva Bernardi, one of the owners of Plaza Bohemia Tango.  Attentive waitress.  They have a separate section for dining.

Juan and Daniel make a point of dancing.  They have had the milonga at Alsina 2540 for a year, after Juan ran it several years with another partner in Maipu 444.

Plaza Bohemia Tango opened in January 2004 at Laprida 1339, then moved to Maipu 444 in September 2004, in a newly renovated space that was home until February 2011.  A few months later they opened at the current location Alsina 2540.

Update:  As of July, Daniel is running the milonga and changed the name and hours.  He and Juan organize Thursday at Club Gricel.  Daniel speaks English, so don’t be shy about introducing yourself to him.


Daniel closed the milonga at the end of 2012.


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