Cumbre de tango

Cumbre de Tango (Summit of Tango) is the new radio program originating from Buenos Aires on Sunday morning from 10:00 – 12:00.  Three milongueros — Juan José “Pichi” Piccini, Tito Aquino and Carlos Fanel — will play tandas of the best recordings from their collections, many of which are never played in the milongas.

This is the only tango radio program where you can view a live ustream during the broadcast.  Tune in  If you’re listening in Buenos Aires, you can call in during the program 4343 0136 or send an email

It was my great pleasure to participate in the June 17 broadcast of Cumbre de Tango.  The program is improvised around a set playlist. Tito interviewed me about how I connect with foreigners who come to Buenos Aires to dance in the milongas.  During the Sarli tanda, we danced in the studio on carpeting.  Our discussions, while the music was being aired, were so interesting that they should be part of the program.  The guys are constantly handling phone calls and emails from listeners, so two hours passes by very quickly.


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