Clemente Héctor Aquino

April 10, 1945 —

Tito always has some tidbit of information about the recordings to share with me between dances.  It’s no wonder that he and his cousin Carlos Fanel are planning to do a weekly radio program.*

Tito told me that, in his early years of tango, the only foreigners he met in the milongas were maids from Paraguay.  It amazes him that people travel halfway around the world just to dance tango in Buenos Aires.

Tito, like so many men, put dancing aside when he got married.  Then fifteen years ago he saw a tango class at the local health club and that was all he needed to return to the milongas.


*Begins Sunday, April 29 – 10:00-12:00 hs.  Tune in!


5 Responses to “Clemente Héctor Aquino”

  1. Alberto Gomez Says:

    Hi, I’m from Argentina. I know Tito very well! He is well-known in “milongas” from Buenos Aires. He`s an excellent dancer. Tango flowing through his veins. If you`re in Buenos Aires, perhaps in some “milonga” you could meet him and know that I’m not lying.

  2. jantango Says:

    I have the pleasure of dancing a tanda or two every Wednesday and Sunday with Tito in Lo de Celia. What you wrote is true about Tito.

  3. Jean Farrar Says:

    Because of Jan, I was able to meet and dance with Tito at Lo de Celia. He is a wonderful dancer, and I consider it to be one of the highlights of my trip to Buenos Aires (along with meeting Jan!).

  4. Aurore Says:

    Hi, the video is a pleasure to watch (although it’s even better in real!) I wish we could have a video of him dancing Di Sarli with his Di Sarli partner 😉
    un beso

  5. nurirosmel Says:

    mi querido, maestro! si lo sabre yo, que muchos de los bailarines, siempre bailando conmigo, te elogian.

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