José Baracarelli

José came by the table in La Nacional last Saturday night to ask me about Alito.  He said he wanted to pay him a visit at the geriatrico and asked me for the address.  José and his partner always greeted Alito and me at El Arranque.  José invited me to dance the tanda of Juan D’Arienzo with Hector Maure that night.

Late on Sunday night at Lo de Celia the news came from a friend that José had died only hours ago while dancing at Salon Canning.  Someone who had been at Canning came to Lo de Celia, and word got around.  Then I remembered my conversation the night before about Alito and his intention to have a visit.

I knew him personally for a few brief moments and felt what tango meant to him.


2 Responses to “José Baracarelli”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Noooo! I am so sorry…

  2. Matías Renato Junco Says:

    Oh that’s sad, what a coincidence, I was at Canning last Sunday. It was my first time there on a Sunday, and i left around 24hs i guess.

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