New home for Alito

Someone is always asking me about Alito, especially since he is no longer going to the milongas with me.  I am happy to report that he is in a nice geriatric facility in Caballito where the friendly staff is attentive to residents.

He lives on the top floor of the geriatric that was remodeled into a two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, dining room,  and balcony.  Alito and Gerardo share a room, and they are the only two men in the facility.  Two women share the other room.  They are like a family of four eating their meals together in the dining room.  Alito passes the time reading tango magazines and sleeping too much.  This was a perfect coincidence of the right place at the right time for Alito.  The staff keep me well-informed during my regular visits.  His friends Stella Maris, Amanda, and Marta are keeping an eye on him as well.


2 Responses to “New home for Alito”

  1. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    Thanks for the heartwarming update, Janis.

  2. jantango Says:

    We went yesterday for a walk to Parque Rivadavia which is three blocks from the geriatric. It was Alito’s first time outdoors since December. We sat on a bench and watched the activity in the park.

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