Humberto Morales

March 7, 1935 —

One Sunday evening at Lo de Celia Humberto came to my table to tell me that he did a search on the internet for his name and discovered his photo on Tango Chamuyo.  He wanted to thank me in some way, so he promised to make a CD of his favorite tangos and valses for me.  And that he did.  A couple of weeks later he brought the CD and wanted to know what I thought about his collection of all-time favorites.  His gesture was so touching, especially the note that accompanied the CD:

Te agradece tu asidua concurrencia, por tu estilo inigualable.  Y por la magia de tu baile, que te trasporta a un mundo maravilloso.  de corazon, Humberto.

His favorites are:

La cumparsita, El once, El jaquel, La capilla blanca, La vida me engaño, Para que te quiero tanto, De que podemos hablar, Novia provinciana, Fumando espero (Carlos Di Sarli); Poema (Canaro), Porque no te tengo mas, Barro (Pugliese); Embrujamiento (Marlerba); Criollita linda, Arlette, Viejo tintero, No nos veremos nunca, La madrugada, Color cielo, Pajaro sin luz, Si supiera que la extraño, Lo mismo que ayer, Tendras que llorar, La pena del payador (D’Arienzo); Con tus besos (Donato); and Con tu mirar (Rodriguez).


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