I’ll get to Buenos Aires in a few years

I definitely plan to get down there again in a few years, and Lo de Celia is one of my prime destinations.

There is no guarantee that Lo de Celia or any other milonga, for that matter, will be open and awaiting your arrival.  Nothing is certain when it comes to the milongas.  The inspectors closed La Milonguita, and they can do the same for others.  Milongas can open one week and close the next.   

I know what I would have missed if I hadn’t moved to Buenos Aires — the milongas full of milongueros viejos.   Argentine friends and I were talking today about how different the milongas were only ten years ago.   The milongueras, like the milongueros, wore street shoes; the dozens of tango shoe shops didn’t exist.   Tango was an embrace.  Dancers kept their feet on the floor and were respectful of others.


2 Responses to “I’ll get to Buenos Aires in a few years”

  1. tf Says:

    I’m sure you are right, Janis. But sometimes life has its say, and even today not everyone can afford trips like that. That’s why it’s so invaluable to be able to see recordings of such milongas – it’s only a small crumb of the loaf, but still more than a story about a crumb of the loaf.

  2. Alan Jones Says:

    Ditto, Janis, as it does take a while to save up for such a trip,:-). It could also lose some of its attraction if the traditional milongas, and/or the older milongueros are no longer there,:-(. Kind regards, Alan Jones.

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