Where do you dance?

Selecting the name for a milonga is probably as important to the organizers as selecting a name for a baby; the milonga is their baby.  Dancers have to remember the names.

It’s interesting that some milonga names come from tango lyrics:

Clely Rugnone chose Febril y amante for her milonga on Monday in Rivadavia Club.  That phrase appears in the lyrics of the tango, “Pasional” and means nervous excitement and lover.

 Y en cada instante… febril y amante quiero tus labios besar.

Juan Lencina uses the words Sentimental y coqueta for his milonga on Thursday in Club Gricel.  They appear in the lyrics of the tango, “Griseta.”

Francesita, que trajiste, pizpireta, sentimental y coqueta

And then there are milongas named with a tango title:

Hector Pellozo chose his favorite tango Cachirulo as the name for his milonga in Maipu 444, now held at El Beso and Villa Malcolm.  It’s lunfardo for silly person.

Carlos Stasi obviously favored the music of Carlos Di Sarli when he chose Porteño y Bailarin with lyrics by Héctor Marcó:

Porteño y bailarín, me hiciste tango, como soy, romántico y dulzón…

Leave it to Oscar Hector Malagrino, who has hosted dozens of milongas since 1962, to find an original name for his Friday milonga in Boedo Tango: Fábrica de Milongueros or the Milonguero factory.  After all, the milonga is where milongueros are made.


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