Where do you dance?

There are dozens of milongas in Buenos Aires.  Some have been around for years, so their names are familiar.  I know it takes time for visitors to learn not only where to dance, but which day to dance in a particular place.

Centro Region Leonesa, on Humberto Primo 1462, hosts milongas on different days of the week.  Some dancers refer to the place as Niño Bien, but that’s the name of the milonga on Thursday night organized by Luis Calvo and Gaby Artaza.  Niño Bien means rich kid and is the title of a tango.  The Friday milonga is Entre Tango y Tango (between tango and tango), and the Saturday milonga is La Milonga de los consagrados.

I remember a tango friend telling me he didn’t like dancing at Salón Canning, which has the best dance floor in Buenos Aires.  I had to ask the day since there is a milonga every night of the week.  His answer justified his complaint.  I suggested a return on another day when he would find more milongueros. Dario Rodriguez has held A Puro Tango for more than 30 years in Salon Canning.  The other milongas are Parakultural, Mina Milonga, and Jueves en Canning.

Nuevo Salón La Argentina, on Bartolome Mitre, is called El Arranque by most dancers for the afternoon/evening milonga organized by Juan Carlos La Falce for 14 years.  El arranque means the starter, startup.  The salon holds dances with more tropical music on Friday and Saturday night.


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