Taking care of Alito

I met Alito before relocating to Buenos Aires.  He is one of the dearest milongueros I’ve known.  Two years ago, I went to visit him daily in the hospital.  When he was living in a geriatric home for 18 months, I took him for walks.  I’ve always enjoyed dancing with him.  I am privileged to dance not only tango and vals, but salsa and jazz with him.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, I removed him five months ago from a geriatric and brought him home to live with me.  It was an easy adjustment for both of us, much to my surprise.  He has dementia senile.  He enjoys listening to the music and watching the dancing at the milongas, so we went as often as possible to Leonesa, Lo de Celia, and El Arranque.  Alito danced December 16, 2011, in Centro Region Leonesa.

Last week he fainted at home and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at a hospital for observation and tests.  The next day he was transferred to a sanatorium.  I go daily to help him with meals.  When his condition improves, he will live in a geriatric facility.


7 Responses to “Taking care of Alito”

  1. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this, Janis. Please have hugs from me for you both,


  2. jantango Says:

    Thanks. Alito has a blood infection and is on intravenous fluids and antibiotics at a sanatorium. I’ve told many people in the milongas, but no one has called or gone to visit him.

  3. Alan Jones Says:

    I would have gone to visit Alito,Janis,with my family.And Happy New Year to all of you in BA. Alan Jones

  4. b Says:

    What’s wrong with those people.

  5. jantango Says:

    When people see me at the milongas, they ask me how Alito is, and I tell them. No one asks for the address of the hospital.

    A couple from France who hadn’t even met Alito offered to visit and feed him on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while I was away. And they kept their promise. They are angels.

  6. Ann Marie Posa Says:

    Hi Janis, I don’t know Alito and I can’t say for sure that I would go to visit him if I knew him. But what you tell me reminds me of the fact that for many dancers what they share with their partners ends at the edge of the dance floor, when the tanda is finished. In fact, I believe that’s exactly why many choose to dance tango. They can have intimitate moments without any commitment. They choose to share the good times only.
    Of course, not every dancer is like that. As your story proves, it is also possible to find real friends in the tango world.

  7. jantango Says:

    When Alito had his business and made lots of money, he invited his friends to dinner every morning after the milonga. As an organizer for many years, everyone knows Alito and not just inside the milongas. His closest friends since teenage years were Ricardo Vidort and Osvaldo Bottino. Even though they disagreed, they were there for one another. Friends are there for the good times and the bad.

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