Piranha attack

This was the scene last Sunday at Lo de Celia.  The tropical tanda began, and I noticed a regular partner looking my way.  He didn’t nod because the two women in the front row may have had their eyes on him.  Then one of them got up and walked over to his table.  It was another piranha attack.   And this woman isn’t one of the known piranhas.  She wanted to dance with him, and he obliged her as the gentleman he is.

As they passed by during the tanda, he looked at me as if to say, I wanted to dance with you but the piranha attacked.  It was out of my control.


One Response to “Piranha attack”

  1. Keiko Says:

    Maybe I am too cruel, but I don’t think that means he is a gentleman. I have seen couples fight bc of these piranhas and I think men should put them in their place. I am maybe too severe but I have zero tolerance for people like that…both men and women. I have seen women beg to dance ONE song with someone who was ALREADY embracing his partner at a milonga. When he refused, she went on Faceboook and said horrible things about him. Ugh. No class whatsoever.

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