A first in Buenos Aires

Last month a milonguera called to ask if I knew anything about the new milonga at Palacio Balcarce in Recoleta.  I told her I hadn’t heard anything about it.  She wanted to know about it before going there to dance.  I decided to check it out this week and invited a newcomer from England as my dance partner for the evening.

Alicia Karr was born in New York and lived in Philadelphia before moving to Buenos Aires.  She isn’t the first foreigner to organize a milonga in Buenos Aires.  John and Jessica from Amsterdam hosted one in Club Bailable Juvenil many years ago.  However, Alicia is the first North American to organize a weekly dance in Buenos Aires.

The Palacio Balcarce, once a private residence, is now used for special events.  The salon on the second floor is where La Coqueta de Recoleta is held on Monday from 6:00 to midnight.  Mario Orlando (Nino Bien, Sunderland, El Arranque, etc) provides excellent music.  The evening included a drawing for dinner at the Balcarce and entradas to other milongas, and an exhibition.  Most of the dancers in attendance were foreigners.  Pedro Sanchez arrived late and danced a few tandas.

This is the perfect place for newcomers to Buenos Aires to have their first milonga experience.  My dance partner admitted that dancing at Lo de Celia was intimidating.  La Coqueta is an intimate setting for practicing the cabeceo.   The floor wasn’t crowded.  My partner was more relaxed dancing at La Coqueta and enjoyed the experience.



2 Responses to “A first in Buenos Aires”

  1. Nonni Says:

    Talking about foreigners organising milongas, how could you overlook my compatriot Helen la Vikinga 😉
    Coming from one of the smallest nations on earth, 12.000 km. away, she has been running diverse Milongas in BsAs for years (Mano a Mano, La Vikinga, Bien Pulenta).

  2. jantango Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, but all are closed.

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