Piranha sightings at the milongas

Piranhas are ferocious predators.  Normally found in the Amazon basin, some female piranhas now inhabit the Buenos Aires milongas.  These piranhas aren’t timid, so they don’t hunt their prey in schools for protection.

I overheard a conversation between two piranhas in the ladies’ room.  One complained how tired she is waiting for men to invite her to dance.  She wants to invite them and doesn’t care if the men don’t like it.  The other piranha agreed.  They don’t understand why men sit instead of dance.

I spotted a new piranha last week at the milonga.  Her method is going directly to sit at the table of her next prey and engaging him in conversation during the cortina.  As soon as the music starts, he can hardly refuse her at close range.  Another piranha prefers to lurk around the men’s section and moves in for an attack.  She is successful every time.

Another piranha sits nearby, so I get to watch her in action.  Any man walking by receives an invitation from her.  She turns around to invite men in the back row.  Rejection never deters her because this piranha is there to dance every minute she can.

If the piranhas had their way, women would be doing all the inviting at milongas.  We can only imagine how that would work.  The piranhas would be nodding and expecting the men to come running.  What if they didn’t accept?   I don’t think the female piranhas have thought this through.  They seem confident that if they did the inviting they would be dancing more tandas.  That’s the bottom line for them — more.

Argentine men I know want to decide when and with whom they dance tango.  They don’t like being attacked by piranhas.


One Response to “Piranha sightings at the milongas”

  1. Verena Fischer Says:

    Interesting post. However, isn’t it more of a double-sided issue? As it is the leaders nod, but it’s not as if the followers are expected to come running either. She can just as well decline. In fact followers are just as able to decide when and with whom they dance, just by avoiding looks. Followers are just as active by looking around, by being prepared for the cabeceo. If it just comes down to who nods, it really makes no difference, because for me usually the issue is already decided before the nod even comes. Engaging their prey in conversation is something men do over here and I don’t particularly mind it. If I don’t want to dance I just won’t give him more than monosyllabic replies. In the end it’s all just down to convention. Personally I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with more open rejection and can’t understand the “piranhas”.

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