Like a kid in a candy store

I’ve read reports that the milongas in Buenos Aires are empty.  Well, I know that there were dancers waiting at the door on Sunday night at Celia’s because all seats were filled, and El Arranque was full yesterday for the holiday.  None of the milongas I attended in the past two weeks were empty (Gricel, Salon Leonesa, and Plaza Bohemia Tango).

Wednesday is my favorite day for the milonga.  It’s not as full on Wednesday as it is on Sunday, so there is more room to dance.  Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store.  When I get to my reserved table in the corner by the bar, I survey the room.   I see José, Toni, Carlos, Aníbal, Luis, and Tito.  Oh my!  Where do I begin?  One by one, I enjoy a tanda or two with each of them.  Each milonguero has his own style.  And each has an embrace that keeps me going back for more.


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