Bargain milongas in Buenos Aires

Porteños aren’t going out to dance tango as often as they used to.  The average entrada is 25 pesos.  Seniors have the time to dance but not the financial resources.  I can relate to their situation now that I live on social security.

A friend told me the other day that a milonga organizer in Vicente Lopez (just outside the capital) is charging 35 pesos.  That’s the highest entrada I know of besides Friday night at La Baldosa or Saturday night at Confiteria Ideal with live orchestra.

There are a few organizers who are making it possible for those on a budget to afford an evening or two of dancing each week.

Alicia Busto, an independent organizer for many years, opened a new milonga Domino on September 14 (17-1hs) in a Boedo neighborhood cultural center.  She called to invite me to the opening.  I couldn’t believe it when she told me the entrada would be only 12 pesos.  It’s a small hall on Carlos Calvo 3891 and convenient to the subte E Line and buses.  I was happy to see so many familiar faces at the opening night and to hear the excellent music provided by Vivi La Falce.  There was no entrada for the opening.  There were excellent dancers I’ve never seen before in Buenos Aires.  I was the only foreigner.

Norma Fonseca is another organizer charging only 16 pesos at her milonga on Friday night at Club Oeste (21-3 hs), Av. Alberdi 436 in Caballito.  I attended Roberto Segarra’s birthday celebration last Friday.  It’s a small salon, and the floor was never crowded.  There was a good level of dancing and even though it was my first time, I had invitations from new partners as well as regular ones.  Once again I was the only foreigner at the milonga.

Julio Fontan advertises his milonga opening on Saturday, October 1 (21-3 hs) with an entrada of ten pesos.  The city hasn’t had milongas at that price in years.  He lists two requirements for his milonga: that you know how to dance, and that you dress properly (elegante sport).  I want to attend because it is only six blocks from my apartment at Alsina 2540 in Balvanera.

Juan Carlos La Falce had reduced the entrada for Thursday at El Arranque to 12 pesos for both men and women.  The normal charge is 16 pesos for women and 18 pesos for men on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

Salon El Pial, a popular place for seniors in Flores, charges 15 pesos on Thursday evening.

Patricio and Adriana offer a free entrada on Monday at Club Gricel for those who arrive before 20,30 hs.


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