May/December tandas

A milonguera told me her criteria in selecting partners at the milongas:

  • Never dance with foreigners
  • Never dance with younger men
  • Never dance with men who can’t dance.

I follow the same criteria 99.9% of the time.

One exception is dancing occasionally with a foreigner who is also a younger man — it’s my May/December tanda.  He approached me one afternoon at a milonga to ask if I was the author of this blog.  Then he surprised me with an invitation to dance.  He was gracious, and I accepted.  The tanda was delightful.  He is so serious about tango that he and his partner moved to Buenos Aires to immerse themselves in the culture for two years.  The result is he feels tango.

I had a May/December tanda last week with an Argentine I’ve seen regularly at Lo de Celia.  Frankly, I expected more from him.  I thought Argentine men aren’t shy when it comes to embracing a woman, but this one was.  He was working so hard on his choreography that he forgot about me.  He could learn something from the men twice his age.   He used his arms to lead, not his body.  I couldn’t wait for the tanda to end.  He has the look but no feeling for tango.  This May/December tanda was a reminder of why I don’t dance with younger men.


2 Responses to “May/December tandas”

  1. Virgilio Says:

    You never dance with foreigners, though you are one? hmmm…

    Never dance with younger men? A pity as you miss so many dances with those who can express themselves well.

    This post is a sad one for me to see people being exculsivist.

  2. jantango Says:

    The milongueros have spoiled me. They have taught me to be as selective as they are about partners. Several milongueros/as have said that one very good tanda is enough to leave the milonga satisifed.

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