First tandas

Everyone remembers their first kiss or first date, no matter how many years have passed.  I remember my first tandas with milongueros.

The milonga Glamour was held in a salón at Boedo and Carlos Calvo.  An excellent dancer invited me to dance in September 1997.  It was my first time dancing milonga con traspié.  It wasn’t until years later I asked his name — Ernesto Jorge De Gouvea. 

November 19, 1998 was the first time I danced with Mario Allan “Alito” Candamil.  I kept a diary of my trip.  We danced two tandas in Regin at the corner of Riobama and Corrientes.  It was an Aha! moment for me.  He thought I was Argentine since there weren’t many foreigners and expected me to speak Castellano.  I hadn’t spoken Spanish since high school.  Alito still jokes about our dancing without saying a word.

I danced my first tanda with Pedro Sanchez in Club Gricel in October 1998, a few months before moving to Buenos Aires.  I was too inexperienced to realize what an incredible dancer Pedro was at the time.

The Milonga de Los Consagrados was on Saturday afternoon at Italia Unita where I danced my first tanda with Ismael Heljalil in November 1999.

I danced my first tanda with Miguel Angel Balbi on October 15, 1999, at Club Gricel.  I had not seen him dance and was a bit reluctant to accept his invitation.  I wasn’t disappointed.  That decision lead to a three-year partnership.  He taught me so much about the culture of tango.

Ricardo Hector Suarez loves milonga con traspié.  We danced our first tanda in Club Bailable Juvenil on September 17, 2000, with the permission of his partner Greta Feldberg.  Miguel Angel Balbi filmed us.

Pocho y Nely danced for filming by Solo Tango TV in Salón El Pial on July 11, 2003.  The highlight of the evening was dancing tango and milonga con traspié with Roberto Rafael “Pocho” Carreras.

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