Fast food tango

Alito and I stopped to have a quick bite to eat at La Americana before going to dance.  It’s one of the oldest fast food places in Buenos Aires specializing in empanadas since 1935.  I remarked to Alito that tango today is another fast food.

Fast food tango is for those who eat on-the-go.  It’s available in packaged form at festivals all around the world.  It feeds a large number in a short time at a reasonable price.  It’s high in fat and lacks the essential nutrients.  It’s consumed by those who don’t know what they’re eating, and they eat more than they really need.

Fast food is an American obsession.  And so is fast food tango.


3 Responses to “Fast food tango”

  1. Tango en el Cielo Says:

    Great to hear that Alito is back again on the dance floor! Please send him my best wishes, although I doubt he’d remember me by name. I agree with your comments about fast food tango- good name for it!

  2. jantango Says:


    Alito had a few months break and then he was back to the milongas. He goes regularly to El Arranque and Lo de Celia to dance. I’ll pass along your regards to him. He’ll remember you when he sees you on your next visit.

  3. Janine Says:

    I think this is a great analogy, but it’s also a generalization. Not everybody who teaches or learns in the US does it that way, as fast food. My teachers are a good example of not consuming tango as a product. Thanks Jan for your blog. It’s really nice that you document the history of these tangueros this way.

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