Just the other day I read on a blog that milonguera was synonymous with prostitute.  That was news to me, so I looked it up in a dictionary.  I know many women in the milongas who have danced tango for many years, many since the age of 12.  I decided to consult Alito Candamil on the subject.  He should know since he has danced with every milonguera and knows every milonga in Buenos Aires since 1945.

Alito says that prostitutes frequented the milongas to dance; they weren’t there to find clients.   They were there to dance with the young milongueros, who also wanted to dance.  Alito recently pointed out a beautiful woman at a milonga and told me that she once worked as a prostitute.

All one needs to do is have a conversation with Amanda Lucero or Elba Biscay to understand how much they love tango and know the meaning of milonguera.


3 Responses to “Milongueras”

  1. kerstin Says:

    How very rare and insulting to compare those fantastic, well dancing,muy cordial ladies milongueras that I met in the B.A milongas with prostitutes! All of them dancing for…. dancing tango!

    Prostitution is, anyhow, anywhere….but times might have changed.

    Young milongueros, atorantes. trying to use tango for maintaining living. Are they prostitutes? Selling dance?
    Dancing tango in B.A. – and watching tango in B.A – is for me one of the most interesting things of life. I love it! And I love your blog!
    Greetings Kerstin

  2. jakilune Says:

    I saw the blog you talk about and also your comment, but I didn’t read that they said that milongeras were prostitutes… your research on the subject is interesting though…

  3. jantango Says:

    The text was edited.

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