Wednesday tryouts

I usually dance a couple of tandas with regular partners every week, but yesterday was different.

Mario hasn’t been around for a few months. We arrived at the same time and exchanged greetings as we walked up the stairs. I’ve watched him dancing with other women and like his style for milonga.  He sat in the far corner and came near the bar to invite me for the first time.  We didn’t dance the tanda from the beginning, but we had two dances.  After the first dance, I said, our first dance ever to Troilo’s Milongueando en los 40.  He said, no, this is Tanturi.  I said, listen again, and then he agreed.  When a milonga tanda began, I looked in his direction and he invited me.   I don’t dance milonga very often, but I wanted to try him out.  He passed.

I’ve watched Alfredo every Tuesday at El Arranque where I dance with Alito.  Although he is tall for me, I gave him a tryout when he invited me.  After months of seeing him dance, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I usually watch others while dancing, but I looked up at the ceiling with Alfredo.   We danced three tandas, including D’Arienzo with Echague.  His dancing comes from the heart.  He passed the tryout with flying colors.

The last tryout was Rubenz.  I’ve seen him in the milongas for years, but only with his partner.  He invited me for the Di Sarli tanda which I didn’t want to miss.  His hair was wet after dancing the earlier tanda.  I prefer Alfredo’s warm cheek to Rubenz cold, wet hair.  He didn’t pass the tryout.

I saw another tryout at the milonga.  A young woman on her second visit to Buenos Aires danced a tanda with Ismael Heljalil.  She passed the tryout because he invited her for a second and then a third tanda.


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