Domingo Chilenazo

March 29, 1914

Domingo lives in the same geriatric home as Alito.  It’s not unusual to hear him singing tangos in the hallway.  I went to the dining room one day to find Alito.  Domingo was nearby, so we went over for a chat.  I wanted to know his name and when he was born (three months before Aníbal Troilo).  Then I asked him where he danced tango.  Domingo mentioned Salón Principe George, and then Alito promptly supplied the address, Sarmiento 1230, because he and Ricardo Vidort knew every place to dance in Buenos Aires.   Here is a clip of Domingo singing Si Soy Asi .  I think he’s amazing!  The other day I made a point of going to visit Domingo in his room; he’s either in bed or in a wheelchair.  He gave me a special gift — he sang a tango for me. 

One of the residents told me that Domingo knows English, French and Italian, and he almost became a lawyer.  He has two sons and five grandchildren.  Domingo’s grandmother took care of Carlos Gardel as a boy.


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  1. b Says:

    That’s pretty darn cool.

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