It was like being in church where the congregation gave their full attention to the sermon.  That’s how I describe a moment at El Arranque during the tanda of Osvaldo Pugliese.  I wonder how people can dance and talk at the same time.  Some sixty couples were listening to the sermon; that is, all except one man who wanted to talk.  I heard a brief shhhh! and then silence for the rest of the tanda.  That doesn’t happen during every tanda.

I prefer to listen to the recordings of Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese and not dance the tanda.  I surprised myself yesterday when I danced the first one with Anibal.  I hadn’t recognized the orchestra before accepting his invitation.  Later, Lito came to get me for another tanda, and I couldn’t refuse him.  They say that you can only dance well with a partner who knows the music.  That applies to dancing Osvaldo Pugliese, and Lito didn’t disappoint me.


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