Ernesto Ramon Delgado

May 30, 1935 —

Ernesto has retired from the milongas for health reasons.  He went one night in January to Club Gricel after months away from the milongas just to dance with Rosanna Remón who lives in Milan.  That was a special night for us to be reunited, and both of us danced for the last time with Ernesto.

Ernesto learned furniture upholstery as a teenager and is a master craftsman after sixty years.  His son Sergio has been working with him for 25 years.  They don’t do any kind of advertising.  All their business comes by recommendations from their customers.  Years ago Ernesto had an offer to work in New York City, but he didn’t want to leave his family or the milongas.  I went to see him on his birthday and delivered the CDs I had made for him, including the one of his last tango.  He’s at the workshop every day at 8:30.



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