Ricardo Vidort

August 30, 1929 – May 21, 2006

It has been five years since his passing.  I have many fond memories of Ricardo and always will remember how much he loved tango and wanted to share it. 

Celebrating 59 years in tango

Oscar Hector Malagrino paid tribute to Ricardo on July 2, 2002, in Club Sin Rumbo.  Miguel Angel Balbi sang Bailarin Compadrito for Ricardo that night and then they hugged.

In January 2001, Ricardo came to my apartment so I could record him talking about his life in tango.  I didn’t interrupt him with questions–I just held the camera and let him talk.  The result was 17 minutes of straight talk in English.  Those interested in viewing it may comment.


17 Responses to “Ricardo Vidort”

  1. Oskar Pankratz Says:

    I have seen Ricardo on videos embedded in “Video of the Best” http://www.tangoandchaos.org/.
    Very remarkable and amazing. Please let him talk to me via video.
    All the best

  2. Evaldas Says:

    I’d like to hear him too

  3. uli Says:

    definitely interested!

  4. Ray Says:

    Dear Janis, Ricardo is one of my favorite milongueros – I am spellbound every time I see his dancing. I would love to see your video of him reminiscing.

  5. J&K Says:

    Hi Janis,

    We would love to see the video and thanks for sharing.

    Jani & Kristina

  6. Zeljko Says:

    Hello Janis, I am very interested for Your interview with Ricardo Vidort, my favorite milonguero.
    Un abrazo,

  7. gyb Says:

    I would love to have access to the interview; he is one of my favorite milonguero dancers, and it would be great to hear him talking about his understanding of tango.

  8. Dieudonne Dang Says:

    Would love to see the video. Thanks.

  9. Sebastian Carlsson Casinge Says:

    I find Vidorts dancing very inspiring and would love to see the interview. I also want to thank you for all interesting posts on this blog and for sharing your videos. Un abrazo desde Estocolmo / Sebastian

  10. Agnieszka Says:

    Hello Janis,
    I’d also like to see the interview. Thank you.

  11. Andrew Fitzpatrick Says:

    Hello-I am very interested in Ricardo and his style of dancing and would love to hear the interview. Your writing on tango is fascinating. Thank you-Andrew

  12. Srini Says:

    Hello Janis,

    I too am very interested in watching this video of Ricardo. Kudos again for sharing ‘milongas and milongueros’.


  13. Paul Says:

    With increasing numbers of professional AT dancers touring the world giving carefully choreographed exhibitions that serve mostly to promote their own over-subscribed workshops, it is worth occasionally pausing for thought and listening to a respected voice from the past. The voice here is that of the late Ricardo Vidort, a much-admired dancer with over 63 years’ experience of social tango in the milongas of Buenos Aires- in short, an authentic milonguero.

    For him, an important distinction should be made between highly skilled stage performers on the one hand and masters of social dance on the other. How can one realistically expect to learn social tango suitable for a crowded milonga from those whose dance time is spent mostly in complex well-rehearsed choreographies on an empty dance floor? Ricardo’s comments on this are acerbic. They are worth listening to.

  14. Ricardo Says:

    I would like to listen/watch this interview. Please consider to put it on youtube. Thanks in advance,

  15. Ronan Says:

    I have also seen videos of Ricardo Vidort on the site Tango and Chaos, and I must say I am really fond of the way he dances
    I am definitely interested in watching this interview
    Thank you for your blog which contains lots of valuable information/stories


  16. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    Hi Janice, did you publish the video link? I’d love to see it, too. Thank you!

  17. Janet Says:

    I would love to see this interview. Chris Jordan told me about it and said you would be kind enough to let me hear it. Ricardo visited us for a week in Bristol just a few years before he died. I had the pleasure of dancing with him and also partnering him in some lessons he taught. I will be returning to BA in July and when I go to Lo de Celia, I will be able to visualise him dancing with Ale! Thank you

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